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Citations in Text

Citing Website Documents

Use the paragraph number (manually counting down from the top of the document) when a page number is not available.

Citing One Paragraph

Use the abbreviation para. and one space before the number.

Parenthetical Citation Example

(Hendry, 2013, para. 6)

Narrative Citation Example

Hendry (2013) … (para. 6)

Citing More Than One Paragraph

If the information you are using spans more than one paragraph, use the abbreviation paras. and one space before the numbers. Use the paragraph range.

Parenthetical Citation Example

(VanDoormal, 2014, paras. 5-6)

Narrative Citation Example

VanDoormal (2014) ... (paras. 5-6)

Citing Online Information Under Headings

If there are headings in a longer online document, you may use the heading name plus the word section and then the paragraph number to help your reader find the material you are citing.

Parenthetical Citation Example

(Bauman, 2014, Symptoms section, para. 3)

Narrative Citation Example

Bauman (2014) … (Symptoms section, para. 3)