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Citations in Text

Citing Multiple Works

If you wish to cite more than one source in one citation, alphabetize the last names of the authors and separate the citations with semi-colons as pictured below.

Parenthetical Citation Example

Eye-witness accounts do not constitute unbiased information because they are filtered through the lenses of memory and worldview (Adshead-Lansdale & Layson, 2006, p. 14; Perks & Thomson, 2006, p. 48; Vansina, 1985, p. 5).

Secondary Sources

Many sources you read will have quotations and paraphrases. It is ideal to locate and cite the original. If that is not possible, you may cite as a secondary source.

  • In the references, list the source that you read, not the original study.
  • If the publication year is known for the original source, include it.

Parenthetical Citation Example

Micky Dolenz was a personification of the “quest for authentic experience that marked hippie life in the late 1960s” (Braunstein & Doyle, 2002, as cited in Rubin & Melnick, 2007, p. 132).

Narrative Citation Example