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Adding Closed Captioning to Videos

Adding closed captions to videos is a key feature for making videos accessible to all viewers and learners. This module reviews the basic processes used to add captions.

Captioning YouTube Videos

When you upload a video to YouTube, YouTube automatically begins converting the video's audio stream to captions. The process can take several hours for the auto-captions to appear as an option. 

Once the auto-captioning process is complete, you should go through the process of editing the captions for accuracy and readability. The following video explains this process.

Captioning Videos in Microsoft Stream

Much like YouTube, Microsoft Stream can automatically convert your video's audio stream to captions once the video is uploaded. It takes about one to two times the length of the video to process and create the transcripts. Ensure you have toggled Autogenerate captions to ON in the video details while it is uploading.

Once complete, the captions appear in the transcript window to the right of the video. You can edit captions for accuracy and readability here. The following video explains this process.

screenshot of editing autogenerated captions in Microsoft Stream