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Digital Note-Taking with Your Open Textbook

Taking notes while reading your textbooks is strongly recommended. To learn more about note-taking strategies, check out MyLearning's resource page or book an appointment with a Student Success Advisor.

Here are some suggestions for digital note-taking. Make sure you investigate to see how to save and back up your notes, so you can be assured your notes are safe and accessible. You may need to experiment to determine what works best for you.

Note: Suggested software and applications have not been extensively tested in all scenarios. Please take responsibility and consider your own privacy and security before installing any apps or software on your device.

Online/Webbook Open Textbook

PDF Open Textbook

Digtial PDF:

  • Try Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader (free download for many operating systems) and annotate your PDF using the highlighter, comments and sticky notes built into the Reader.
  • Download and save individual chapters before using Acrobat PDF Reader to take notes. The full PDF might be long and the file size could become unmanageable.

Print PDF:

  • Print your PDF and use your pen and highlighter to make your notes.



Except where otherwise noted, this page is an adaptation of Using OER Textbooks: Student Guide by the OER Design Studio at the Georgian College Library, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.