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Using the Online Version of Your Open Textbook

The web version of your textbook, also referred to as a webbook or Pressbook, contains text-based readings as well as:

  • Interactive activities or simulations
  • Embedded videos
  • Text-based review questions or activities
  • Clickable footnotes
  • Glossary terms (click on the word while reading to see the definition of a word or phrase)

Getting Started

Your instructor will link to your open textbook in eConestoga. You may find a link to the entire book, individual chapters in the weekly modules, or both. You can open the webbook in a separate tab by copying and pasting the link provided by your instructor into that tab.

The web version of your open textbook is built on a platform with:

  • a navigation menu labelled “Contents” that:
    • appears to the left hand side of a typical web browser on a computer
    • appears at the top of your screen on a mobile device, labelled “Contents”
    • is accessible to screenreaders
  • a search box that will allow you to search the entire book for key terms or sections
    • appears in the top right corner on a typical web browser on a computer
    • appears under a waffle menu on the top right corner of your phone/mobile device
  • previous & next buttons to allow you to move between pages
    • appear at the bottom of typical web browsers on a computer or tablet and on mobile devices


Navigating Your Webbook

Video source: KPU TLC. (2020, August 28). How to navigate a Pressbook [Video]. YouTube.


Except where otherwise noted, this page is an adaptation of Using OER Textbooks: Student Guide by the OER Design Studio at the Georgian College Library, licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0.