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HyFlex Learning Supports for Students

You may be enrolled in a new delivery mode called Hybrid Flexible (aka HyFlex). This course delivery mode allows students the choice attending class either synchronously online or in person. Your professor can simultaneously teach students who are physically present and those who are attending online through Zoom or Teams in specially designed classrooms.

This page will provide you with some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your HyFlex learning experience.


Teaching and Learning. (2022, August 30). Orientation to HyFlex classrooms for students [Video]. YouTube.


  • headset
  • computer or tablet with webcam
  • charging cables

Equipment tips:

  • Ensure your equipment is fully charged and ready to use.
  • Pack your charging cables if you are coming to campus.
  • See if you can get a headset with a built-in mic. An external mic provides clearer speech and reduces background noise when speaking in the online environment.
  • Phones do not provide a reliable connection nor provide the full Zoom or Teams classroom experience.

Tips for Attending a HyFlex Class

Before class:

  • Review any expectations for participation as laid out by your professor.
  • Consider downloading the Zoom desktop app as it offers a more stable connection and you can get the full Zoom experience.
  • Sign into your Zoom class with your Conestoga credentials.
  • Practice by starting a meeting for yourself and testing out some of the features available like changing your display name to your preferred first and last name and add your pronouns, if you wish.
  • Make sure your headphones and laptop are fully charged and ready for use.

Day of class (attending in person):

  • Remember that the classes will be recorded and that you may be captured, depending on where you sit in the class.
  • Even attending in person, you will still join the online class. Sign in to eConestogaa and get your audio and video (if using) set up. Confirm your settings by sending a greeting to your class.
  • Mute your mic and remove your headset.

Day of class (attending synchronously online):

  • Join the class a few minutes early. Sign into eConestoga and join the online class.
  • Get your audio and video set up. Confirm your settings by sending a greeting to your class.
  • Keep your headset on and mic muted unless you volunteer to speak or ask a question.

During class:

  • Keep your mic muted to reduce background noise and distraction.
  • Actively participate in activities to make the most of your learning.
  • Proactively reach out to your instructor if you are having problems.


Need Tech Help?

Looking for IT support and how-to assistance? Select an option below.


What Services Do Tech Representatives Provide?


This service provides support with the following:

  • introductory computing skills development
  • printing, scanning and hardware troubleshooting
  • connecting to the college WiFi
  • navigating Conestoga applications (e.g. MyConestoga, eConestoga, eTexts, etc.)
  • troubleshooting software issues
  • instruction on how to install Conestoga-provided software for PC and Mac
  • using Microsoft Office 365 products
  • using collaboration and creativity tools

Assignment Support

Tech Representatives are here to help students learn to use technology more effectively.

This means Tech Representatives will coach students, rather than give answers. They will help students gain the confidence to find answers and solve problems independently in the future.

In cases where students are working on assignments designed for them to individually work through steps and explore software functionality, Tech Representatives can only direct students to helpful resources (e.g. help files, LinkedIn Learning videos) and help students make connections to their own work.