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Panopto: What is it?

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Panopto is a web-based video hosting and creation platform that has been integrated with eConestoga. It allows your instructors to capture, edit, and share course-related video content like lectures or demonstrations.


Panopto: Why use it?

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You will encounter Panopto in eConestoga as video content. Your professor may create a personalized introduction to the course, record a lecture, or provide feedback via video. Video content is excellent for review, engagement, and sharing demonstrations to further develop skills. You may be asked to upload a video as part of an assignment to demonstrate a skill or record a presentation.


Panopto: How do I use it?

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Log into eConestoga to see if your course is using Panopto. Videos may be embedded into course content or added as a link to a course module. Simply click on the video title to play. Review the videos and links below for an introduction to Panopto and an overview of the video player. You may also be required to submit a video as an assignment. Panopto makes that easy! Review the tutorial video and print the handout to get started.


Panopto: Creating and Submitting Video Assignments


Panopto logo from Conestoga College Online Learning Centre.

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