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Padlet is an e-learning tool which works like a notice board. You can create a wall or contribute on someone else's wall. You can share files, media, links, comments and more! It's a great tool for brainstorming, time management, live Q and A, and more.

Padlet: Why use it?

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You may encounter Padlet in the classroom. Your professor may use it for discussions, review, brainstorming, Q&A sessions, and more! You can use it yourself as well to review content, help you manage tasks, create online documents like a timeline, or maybe brainstorm for a project. Padlets can be private or public.

Padlet: How do I use it?

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Review the videos and pages below to get started using Padlet or click on More Information to go to the Padlet Help and Support page.

Padlet Video Tutorials

For more tutorials visit the Padlet YouTube playlist.



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