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Reference List

Streaming Video / Audiovisual Media

Films (e.g. Netflix, Films on Demand, or DVDs)

If the director of a film is unknown, credit someone in a similar role instead (like a producer or a host). 

For films found on Films on Demand, use the copyright year.


Director, B. (Director). (Year). Title of film [Type of video]. Production company.

Example - Netflix

Muccino, G. (Director). (2006). The pursuit of happiness [Film]. Columbia Pictures.

Example - Films on Demand

Java Films. (Producer). (2009). Low carbon: The economics of climate change [Documentary].

Streaming Video: Public Access (e.g. YouTube, Vimeo)

When finding videos on publicly available sites like YouTube, make sure that the person, organization, or company who uploaded the video has permission and owns the video rights. 


Uploader, A. [username (if available)]. (Year, Month Day). Title of video [Video]. Name of site. URL


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center. [mskcc]. (2010, August 11). Prostate cancer Q&A – Sloan-Kettering [Video]. YouTube.
Academy of Learning College. (2019, July 9). How does human memory work? [Video]. YouTube.

Video Clip from Films on Demand

Reference films from this academic database using the same formula as all other films and use the formula below to reference short video clips. Use the copyright year for both types of reference. 


Producer, A. (Producer). (Copyright year). Title of video clip [Type of video]. Name of database.


NewsHour Productions. (Producer). (2018). Climate activist Greta Thunberg on the power of a movement [Educational video]. Films on Demand.

TV Episode


Writer, W. (Writer), & Director, D. (Director). (Year, Month Day). Episode title (Season #, Episode #) [TV series episode]. In A. Executive Producer, & B. Executive Producer (Executive Producers), Title of Series. Production Company A; Production Company B.


Winger, A. (Writer), & Schrader, M. (Director). (2020, March 26). Part 1 (Season 1, Episode 1) [TV series episode]. In A. Winger, & A. Karolinski (Executive Producers), Unorthodox. Studio Airlift; Real Film Berlin.

Podcast Episode

After the title, include the episode number and specify whether it is an audio or visual podcast in square brackets.


Host, A. (Host). (Year, Month day). Title of episode (Episode No.) [Audio or visual podcast episode]. In Title of podcast series. Production Company. URL.


Dubner, S. J. (Host). (2017, July 26). The stupidest thing you can do with your money. (No. 297) [Audio podcast episode]. Freakonomics radio. WNYC Studios.

LinkedIn Learning (Course)


Author, A. (Year, month date). Title of course [Online course]. LinkedIn Learning. URL


Andreatta, B. (2019, August 14). Organizational learning and development [Online course]. LinkedIn Learning.

LinkedIn Learning (Individual Video)


Author, A. (Year, month date). Title of video [Video]. In Name of course. LinkedIn Learning. URL


Andreatta, B. (2019, August 14). Being a strategic partner in the business [Video]. In Organizational learning and development. LinkedIn Learning.

Single Song


Artist, A. (Year, month date). Song title [Song]. On Album. Label.


Childish Gambino. (2018). This is America [Song]. mcDJ; RCA.

Lamar, K. (2017). Humble [Song]. On Damn. Aftermath Entertainment; Interscope Records; Top Dawg Entertainment.