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Reference List

Website Documents

Before using this section, please make sure that the source you have is not a blog, a discussion forum, an online dictionary, a newspaper/magazine, an eBook, a journal, or an official report since these source types have a specific formula.

For websites, you may have to do some research to determine the author of the document you are using. When in doubt, determine who is responsible for the information. The About Us section on the website may indicate who the author is. For more information about authors, please see the About Authors section.

If there is no specific date listed, you can use the copyright year if it applies to the website's contents.

Website with an Individual Author


Author, A. (Year, month day). Title of web document. Name of Organization. URL


Tibbits, J. (n.d.). President’s welcome. Conestoga College.

Website with a Group/Organization Author


Author. (Year, month day). Title of web document. URL


Reception House Waterloo Region. (2020, August 10). Going virtual with community justice initiatives


For information that spans multiple pages relating to one main topic, find the starting page for that main topic, which often has the menu list. Use that page's URL in your reference entry instead of every micropage of the site. See About Page and Paragraph Numbers for citing format information.