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Reference List

Journal Articles

Always include the DOI if available. For articles accessed from the library database with no DOI, do not include a URL. Otherwise, include the URL if the source was accessed from a website.

Journal Article


Author, A. (Year). Title of article. Title of Journal, volume(issue), page # - page #. DOI or URL (if available)

Example - With a DOI

Shipley, M. (2002). Fibromyalgia. Rheumatology 2, Medicine, 30(9), 81-84.
Smokowski, P. R., & Kopasz, K. H. (2005). Bullying in schools: An overview of types, effects, family characteristics, and intervention strategies. Children & Schools, 27(2), 100-110.

Example - With a URL

Skiffington, S., Washburn, S., & Elliot, K. (2011). Instructional coaching: Helping preschool teachers reach their full potential. Young Children, 66(3), 36-41. 

Example - Without a DOI. Accessed from a Library Database, or in Print

Crowley, S. T. W. (2008). The effect of leashes on dogs. Dog Journal, 40(7), 60-62.