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Reference List

Course Material (i.e. Recorded webinars, lecture notes, PowerPoint slides)

For previously published material (i.e. journal articles, book chapters, content publicly available on the Internet), reference the source in its original format; ignore the fact that it is in a student portal.

For course material that your professor has created, use your professor’s name as the author. If there is no month or day listed for the source, just include the year. Put eConestoga after the title.

PowerPoint Slides or Lecture Notes


Author, A. (Year, month day). Title [PowerPoint slides OR Lecture notes]. eConestoga.


Lester, A. (2014). Canadian society during the 80s [PowerPoint slides]. eConestoga.

Recorded Webinar Posted in eConestoga

Cite unrecorded webinars and lectures as personal communications. Anything hosted on Youtube should be referenced as such.


Author, A. (Year, month day). Title [Webinar]. eConestoga.


Vermeyden, A. (2020). APA @ Conestoga [Webinar]. eConestoga.

Original or Unattributed Course Material in Course Packs

When referencing information from a course pack or learning package, indicate the person or organization that put the course pack together by using the abbreviation (Comp.) meaning "compiler".

When author information is not available, place the title in author position.


Author, A. (Year). Title of document. In A. Editor (Comp.), Title of Course Pack (page# - page#). Publisher.


Subject-verb agreement. (2007). In J. Bennett (Comp.), Written Communication IV: English Language Studies (93-96). Conestoga College.