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Academic Integrity Action Plan

Your step-by-step guide to maintaining Academic Integrity

Whether you’ve received an incident or would like to avoid any in the future, these steps will help you with academic integrity and your academic success.

Step 1: Complete the Academic Integrity Modules

Complete the Academic Integrity Modules.

  • All students who receive a warning or offence must complete the assigned modules.
  1. Sign into eConestoga.
  2. Select Academic Integrity Modules.
  3. Complete module 1, 2, 3 & 4.
  4. To be marked complete, you will need to receive 70% or higher on the quizzes at the end of each Module

Step 2: Seek Academic Support

Connect with Faculty.

  • Faculty can help clarify course content and assignment instructions.

Meet with a Peer Tutor.

  • Request a tutor to help you with understanding course material; they are able to support you with questions around course-specific content.

Book an appointment with a Writing Consultant.

  • Writing consultants are experts in all stages of the writing process.
    • Get help with APA referencing.
    • Learn grammar and editing strategies.
    • Get help with organizing your ideas, and more.

 Book an Appointment with a Math Consultant

  • Math consultants provide support for students for math courses. 

Book an Appointment with a Student Success Advisor.

  • Student Success Advisors can assist you with finding academic integrity resources and connecting you to support, direct you to all necessary resources and services. They can also help with basic learning skills, like note-taking and study strategies, time management, exam preparation, and identifying your learning style.

 Attend a Workshop.

  • Check Events and Workshops on the Student Success Portal for all Writing, Student Success and Teach Me Tech workshops

Step 3: Understand Your Warning or Offence

Visit Conestoga’s Academic Integrity Website.

  • Find your incident and learn how to avoid it.

Visit your Student Portal page.

  • Click “My Courses.”
  • Click “Academic Incidents.”

Meet with your faculty.

  • Ask your faculty to explain.
  • Discuss strategies on how to avoid this in the future.‚Äč

Meet with a member of the Academic Integrity Team.

  • Book an appointment with a member of the Academic Integrity Team to get help understanding academic integrity and strategies on how to maintain it. 

Meet with a Student Success Advisor.