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Penalties for Academic Offences

The College implements a progressive and incremental approach to penalties, which are based on the severity of the incident. If a student receives multiple offences, typically the penalties will increase. 

All academic incidents, warnings or offences, do not appear on student transcripts.

Types of Academic Penalties

Category 1

  • Rework and resubmit the assessment. The new submission is graded and an appropriate late penalty is applied.
  • Rework and resubmit the assessment up to a passing mark (if not submitted by faculty assigned date, mark = 0).
  • Partial marks on the assessment with no opportunity to resubmit.
  • Loss of an alpha grade on the assessment.
  • Zero when the assessment value is less than 10%.

Category 2

  • Fail on a pass/fail assessment.
  • Loss of an alpha grade in the course.
  • Zero when the assessment value is between 10-19%.

Category 3

  • Zero when the assessment value is greater than 20%.
  • Zero in the Course.
  • Other.

Category 4

  • Suspension from Conestoga College.
  • Discontinuance from Conestoga College.

Types of Academic Incident that May Receive a Warning

  • Copyright Infringement.
  • Not maintaining security of work.
  • Improper behaviour during a testing situation.
  • Loaning work to someone else.
  • Unauthorized collaboration.
  • Copying from others or self-copying.
  • Unauthorized aids and assistance.
  • Unscholarly behaviour.
  • Facilitated Academic Misconduct
    Please be aware that students may also be issued an offence for one of these academic incidents.

Types of Academic Incident that Must Receive an Offence

  • Aiding and Abetting.
  • Contract Cheating.
  • Misrepresentation and Fraud.
  • Plagiarism.