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Student Rights & Appeal Process

Students have the right to receive a fair and timely procedure during investigations.

Guide to the Investigation Process

  • On your Conestoga email, you will receive an email from your faculty member. Please read the email carefully as it will provide you information on which assessment is under investigation and what in the assessment appears to be the issue.
  • Your faculty will request for you to provide evidence and additional information that proves otherwise.
  • Remember, this is only a suspicion. A decision has not been made yet.
  • You have three business days to respond back to your faculty. Your faculty will ask you to provide evidence by email explanation or schedule a meeting to discuss.

Option 1: Opportunity for Explanation through Email

If the faculty member requests that the student submit a sufficient explanation by email. This is an opportunity for the student to provide an explanation and evidence regarding the suspected incident. In your email, provide a clear and chronological explanation. You can provide supporting documentation to help support your case.


Option 2: Opportunity for Discussion

In the meeting with your faulty, there will be questions asked related to the issue of concern. This meeting is the opportunity to provide evidence and explain any missing information.

  • The meeting will be a conversation with you and your faculty. Be prepared to answer questions regarding your assessment (i.e, sources used, process, challenges). We recommend bringing with you an additional evidence to help with the invesitgation.
  • You are welcome to bring a support person to the meeting. However, the support person cannot speak on your behalf. If you would like to request a CSI Representative to attend a meeting to ensure the process is correctly followed and/or take notes, you can submit a request form on the CSI website.

Guide to Appealing an Academic Integrity Violation

Students have the right to appeal within five business days if they have sufficient evidence that an academic incident did not occur or an error in the procedure. Before proceeding with the appeal process, students can review the Guide to Appealing an Academic Integrity Violation to help navigate the process.

If you need assistance understanding the Appeal process, please contact CSI Student Advocates or The Academic Integrity Office.