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Please book an appointment with our Academic Integrity Consultations service for guidance on the principles and practices of academic integrity at Conestoga.

You may also consult the following service areas to help build your academic skills.

Research Services

Book an appointment with a Research Consultant for help researching and finding information, or basic help with APA and citation.

Writing Services

Book an appointment with a Writing Consultant for assistance improving your writing skills (outlining, organizing, grammar, etc) and more advanced citation and referencing support.

Learning Services

Book an appointment with a Student Success Advisor to learn how to improve your time management, study strategies, note-taking skills, group work, etc

Avoiding Academic Offences

Conestoga provides many resources to help you more effectively learn the knowledge, skills and attitudes required to be successful in your program and future career. 

Plagiarism often occurs because students are unaware of the specific requirements involved in citing and referencing. Review "Acknowledging Sources" for details.

All students can improve their marks by honing their studying and time management strategies. The pressure to cheat is lessened if you have confidence in your learning strategies. Review "Study Strategies and Time Management" for details.

Guide to Appealing an Academic Integrity Violation

The Academic Dispute and Resolution Policy and Procedure are available to Conestoga students to ensure that when you do not agree with an academic decision, the student has the ability to raise your concerns in a timely, fair, impartial manner. For full information on the Academic Dispute and Resolution policy and procedure, go to Procedure for Academic Incidents.

To find out what your next steps are, students can use the interactive academic appeal walkthrough on the Conestoga Students Inc. website. In addition, if you would like to request a CSI Representative attend a meeting to ensure the process is correctly followed and/or take notes, you can submit a request form on the Conestoga Student Inc. website. 

For further assistance, students can review the Guide to Appealing an Academic Integrity Violation