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Our Principles

All members of the Conestoga community are responsible for upholding the principles and practices of academic integrity.

Conestoga strives to ensure that all individuals involved in academic integrity investigations are treated in a fair, transparent and consistent manner.

This means ensuring information about academic integrity policies, procedures, expectations and supports are made available to all members of Conestoga's community.


Procedure for Academic Offences

When a student is suspected of having committed an academic offence, the faculty member will, within three business days, investigate the situation and notify the student via email (and through an in-person meeting if desired) that an academic offence is pending investigation.

Once the email is delivered, the student has three business days from when the faculty communication was sent to reply to the professor.

Once the student responds to the professor's email, or once the three days has expired, the professor then has three days to file an offence using the employee portal.

In the event a decision is made that the student has committed an academic offence, the penalty for the offence will be determined based on its severity and whether or not the student has a previous offence on record. In some cases, a warning may be issued rather than a penalty.

Once a warning or penalty has been determined, the student will be notified via automatic email. In addition to the warning or penalty, the student is required to complete a learning module and provide proof of completion of the module.


Student Rights

Students have the right to clear and open communication throughout the process of offence investigations. Students also have the right to appeal a warning or penalty given by an instructor. Review the Student Rights and Responsibilities Procedure and associated Policies for details on this process.