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REMOVED: Citing & Referencing Omissions

Why Remove the Category?

The related subcategories were not academic misconduct. As a reminder, these were the related subcategories:

  • Did not include quotation marks around one or two short word-for-word quotes but cited and referenced source(s).
  •  Forgot to cite one short paraphrased passage from one source but properly cited and referenced all other sources.
  • Attempted to paraphrase one short passage from a source, used proper citation and referencing but did not create enough original work.
  • Did not use citation style as assigned by instructor.
  • Cited and referenced all sources but did not include all the required citation or reference elements, such as page numbers of quotes or retrieval information.
  • Did not cite material that they believed was general knowledge

These issues do not represent an intention to deceive and should not be considered cheating; as a result, they should be addressed with an educative approach. If your rubric allows, you may consider deducting grades for not meeting particular assessment outcomes.

New Radio Button

As we transition, a new radio button will be offered in addition to the Warning and Offence options found on the Employee Portal. The new option is Citing, Referencing & Paraphrasing Education

If a faculty selects this option, the student will be directed to enroll in a student workshop offered by our Writing Services team called “Citing and Referencing Your Work.” Successful completion of this workshop appears on the student’s Co-Curricular Record.

This is an educational opportunity. This notification does not constitute an academic integrity violation (warning or offence). 
If a student receives a future incident, this educational opportunity is not factored into the progressive and incremental approach to penalties.

Please remember that if a student does not cite their work and attempts to pass off someone else’s work as their own, this is considered plagiarism. Faculty should follow the same process as before by filing an incident using the Academic Offences Tab in the Employee Portal.

See the Plagiarism Decision Tree (also available in the Employee Portal, Academic Offences Tab). 

However, in light of the recent removal of the Citing & Referencing Omissions category, we encourage faculty not to consider existing Citing & Referencing Omissions incidents (if a student has one) when deciding on a penalty for a new academic incident.

For more information, please contact Cory Scurr, Manger, Academic Integrity or Carla Mangahis, Academic Integrity Associate.