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Ethical Uses and Considerations of Artificial Intelligence

At this moment, students are discouraged from using generative artificial intelligence tools unless provided clear instructions by their faculty. Here is an educational video (1:11) you can share with your students on Conestoga's AI Guidelines:

To learn more about Generative AI in teaching, feel free to:

If you are considering using generative AI in your course, please review:

For effective communication on Gen AI, please review:

For investigation support for the suspected use of Gen AI 

Academic Integrity & Generative AI Considerations

  1. Notify students if and when Gen AI is permitted in the course. For AI statements, please review Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assessment Statements for Students.
  2. Notify students if and when software detection tools are used for assessments (i.e., Turnitin AI detection feature). Keep in mind that students have the right to opt out.
  3. Never input students' work and Conestoga-owned materials to third-party sites and platforms. 
  4. Remember that any AI detection tool, including Turnitin's AI detection feature, can produce a false positive. Turnitin's AI report should be one piece of evidence in an academic incident investigation. For more information on Turnitin's AI detection feature, visit here.
  5. If a student has been found responsible for using Gen AI, we recommend filing the incident under the category Using Unauthorized Aids and Assistance.