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Types of Academic Incidents

Review the definitions, examples and case studies on the following pages.

An "Academic Incident" is a general term encompassing all possible academic integrity violations, including warnings and offences.

When a student receives an academic incident, it will be filed as either a warning or an offence. 

If a student receives a "Warning," an academic penalty will not be applied in the system.

If a student receives an "Offence," the faculty will apply an academic penalty, and it will be recorded in the system.

As of May 2024, students can receive up to only one warning on their academic incident record. If a student has already received a warning or an offence for their first AIV, faculty can only select an offence for subsequent AIV.

All academic incidents, warnings or offences do not appear on student transcripts.

Faculty Best Practices
Tip #1: If you select a "warning," you cannot apply an academic penalty.
Tip #2: Allow time between filing incidents to allow students to learn from and correct their actions. 

Note: As of Fall 2022, Citing & Referencing Omissions have been removed as an Academic Incident Type. For further information, please review the following information