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Reporting an Academic Incident

When you suspect a possible academic integrity violation in your course, please follow the Procedure for Academic Incidents to ensure students receive a fair process. 

    Decisions are made based on the balance of probabilities. After considering all available evidence from the assessment and from the student, if it is more likely than not that the student committed misconduct, please file an academic incident on the Employee Portal using the Academic Offences tab.

    Faculty Best Practices

  • Tip #1: If you select a "warning", you cannot apply an academic penalt. You can only apply an academic penalty if you select "offence"
  • Tip #2: Allow time between filing incidents to allow students to learn from and correct their actions.

    Assign academic penalties based on a progressive and incremental approach.

    If a student has no prior incident or for minor incidents, we encourage faculty to file a warning and grade "in rubric" and deduct grades for unoriginal work.

    For the full list of Academic Penalites, please review Penalties for Academic Incidents.