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Procedure for Academic Incidents

Step 1:
Notifies Student of Academic Incident
When it is suspected that a student has committed an academic incident, the faculty member will investigate. The faculty will notify the student via their Conestoga email within three business days that an academic incident is pending investigation. 

Step 2:
Student Response

Once the email is delivered, the student has three business days to respond to their faculty with evidence. 

Step 3:
Decision Outcome 

A decision is made based on available evidence and the faculty will make a decision based on the balance of probabilities (more likely than not). There are two outcomes: 

  • No academic incident is filed; or 
  • An academic incident is filed using the Academic Offences Tab located in the Employee Portal.

If it is determined an academic incident occurred, the faculty has three business days to file the incident on the Employee Portal. If the student does not reply within three business days, the faculty may file the incident. 

Once an outcome has been finalized, the student is notified via automatic email to their Conestoga email.

If a student receives an incident, they are encouraged to complete the learning modules found on eConestoga. 

Policies and Procedures